31 January 2015—Dublin, Ireland—KERUBIM PRESS has released its latest title, The Magical Character by Gordon Strong.

In this volume, Strong expertly and concisely covers the essential qualities that make good magicians, pointing to the greats of the past in order to help craft better magicians of the future. Both accessible and erudite, The Magical Character makes a perfect addition to any aspiring magician’s bookcase.

The description from the back cover:

What makes a magician? Whether it is knowledge, wisdom, power, or responsibility, Gordon Strong explores the essential traits and tenets that make up the persona of the best magicians, granting insight into some of the historical antecedents who exemplified these qualities. Both the novice and the seasoned practitioner can benefit from being aware of the codes of conduct that govern the magical world. By abiding by a reasonable set of rules, a greater understanding of the esoteric realm will result.

Order the book now on Amazon. It is also available on Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, and in other good bookstores.

Strong has written several well-received titles for Kerubim Press, including The Five Tarots and The Qabalah: Beyond the Veil.