DUBLIN, Ireland — Kerubim Press, independent publisher of occult books, has unveiled its latest title, The Five Tarots by Gordon Strong, adding to a growing collection of esoteric gems.

Strong delivers a thorough exploration of the Tarot with a twist, putting forward the theory that much of the wisdom of this deck can be found in the first five cards of the Major Arcana. Supported by fascinating insights and scholarly research, Strong provides a compelling case for the importance of these initial cards.

The Five Tarots is a book for veterans or those newly introduced to this divinatory practice, providing a carefully crafted crash course on a topic that can take years to master. The book is comprehensive, but manages to cram tons of information and insights into just 100 pages, in much the same way the mysteries of the Tarot are hidden in just five cards.

Read the book’s description:

“There are 78 cards in the Tarot, 22 of which are known as the Major Arcana, containing a breadth of wisdom and magical philosophy. Yet it is within the first five of these cards that the main principles of the Tarot can be found. The Tarot is a tangible demonstration of High Magic, and nowhere is that more evident than in the extraordinary power of The Magician and The High Priestess. Combined with The Fool, The Empress and The Emperor, the keys to the Tarot are ready to be unlocked.”

Read what other people are saying about it:

“This intensive study by a Master of the Tarot gives hitherto unknown insights into many aspects of the Major Arcana. The work is an invaluable guide for the student and the professional reader alike.”

— Alan Richardson
Author of Aleister Crowley & Dion Fortune:
The Logos of the Aeon and the Shakti of the Age

“Gordon Strong’s compelling vision of the significance of the first five cards of the Major Arcana—arguably where most of the wisdom of the Tarot is concentrated—opens a magic casement on the quintessence of life and the subtle order of existence. Scholarly in approach, and indispensable in its insights, I would recommend this book highly both for the aspiring student of the Tarot and the general reader interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of these key cards.”

— Geoff Ward, Mysterious Planet
Author of Spirals: The Pattern of Existence

The Five Tarots releases on 10 December and is available for pre-order now from Amazon.com or from Barnes & Noble. Additional retailers, including Amazon.co.uk and The Book Depository, will stock the title in the coming days. Suggested retail pricing is: €9.99, £8.50, $12.99, AU$12.50.

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